TxtChain admin July 30, 2022


Blockchain based RegTech Platform for Messaging services

Our TxtChain allows Telco Operators to register enterprise- clients & telemarketers on a unified platform with access to the Regulator to establish accountability for each event of communication for arresting Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). Txtchain is a Blockchain-enabled Reg-Tech platform to block Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) across messaging networks.  

It provides real-time consent management and scrubbing for Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCC) – delivered over DLT Technology. Moreover, it also allows Telecom Operators to register enterprise–clients, and telemarketers on a unified platform with access to the Regulator to establish accountability for each event of communication.

Features of txtchain

Scrubbing Service

DND collected by MNO and consent collected by enterprises gets stored in the consent management module. This, later on, passes through the scrubbing process where the commercial communication message content, header, and all collected consent data are scrubbed together to decide upon the message to be sent or barred within the network.

Header & Template Registration

Enterprises and telemarketers get their headers and content templates pre-registered by the MNOs. Each Header and Content template are linked together and later used for scrubbing


Report & Analysis Dashboard

Get a real-time view of registered headers, content, consent, complaint, and scrubbing data on a single window dashboard. Extract system critical KPIs to analyse the efficiency of the system.


Stakeholder Registration

The regulator owns the blockchain backend and MNOs deploy their computing nodes with necessary applications to read and write on the blockchain. MNOs onboard enterprises and telemarketers with the front-end web application after desired due diligence.


Consent Management

Enterprises register their end-user preference for purpose, service category, time, day, etc in the Consent management platform using Analog, digital, or real-time API modes. Which further links with the appropriate header and content templates and is used for scrubbing services. Users do have the facility to access and revoke their consent at any point in time.


Complaints Management

Mobile users can register their complaints on the TxtChain platform of their respective MNO, where users can share screenshots of the message and other details. The complaint gets registered on the blockchain and can be assessed by the respective MNO and Telecom regulator. Complaint management helps to Record user complaints on illicit messages terminated on their mobile and take action on it.



A single platform for Registration, Authentication & Tracking of all events

With well-defined Step-by-Step process of various activities i.e. onboarding, header, content, consent registration etc. makes auditing and tracking easy for Telecom regulator and MNOs, It sets clear accountability for all key stakeholders

Scrubbing user consent without Privacy Violation

User consent is very critical information which holds consumers preferences and choice data. While this data along with other information is crucial for commercial communication but at the same time it should not be shared with any stakeholder to avoid misuse of user data. TxtChain utilize hash value of Header, Content template and consent value recorded in the system and initiate scrubbing process. The use of hashing restricts direct use of available data from database, and only use an indicative string of parameters to process data in scrubbing. Stakeholders can access only the hash value not the real user data from database.

On-Chain & Off-Chain data processing

Commercial communication needs very high processing of data coming from multiple sources. To accommodate this requirement TxtChain leverage resources from conventional technologies to process a part of non-critical stage data off-chain and push mission critical data on-chain. This helps to gain agility and provide fulfil high processing needs of commercial communication stakeholders

Ensure data security

TxtChain platform holds various sets of user, entities and MNO related data. Hence to guard this crucial asset DLT properties such as data immutability, encryption etc. plays vital role. DLT technology ensures that data is distributed among peer nods and encrypted well so any attack on single node can’t impact the whole platform. It’s is not possible by any stakeholders to change any past data in any block, this immutability comes from the core of DLT technique and helps TxtChain to become true “zero trust” platform.

Enforcement of accountability for Telemarketers & Easy auditing process

MNOs onboard enterprises and telemarketers through the TxtChain platform following the KYC process. Each onboarded entities get unique entity ID, which further binds with all entities activity like header, content and consent registration etc. Tracking with unique entity ID helps MNO to impose regulation and monitor entities activity closely.