Armour admin August 1, 2022

Armour X

Secure your network from Voice and Messaging Frauds

Armour X is a Voice & SMS Firewall that aids Telecom industry in identifying SIM Farm & IP-PBX frauds, Interconnect fraud, IRSF, and all other types of fraud in both the local and international markets at all points of traffic origination.

The activities of fraudsters and hackers pose a real risk to mobile network operators including a drop in international voice and SMS termination revenue streams, diminished brand value, and poor customer experience. GTS Techlabs’ ARMOUR X for the Telecom Operators ensures robust and dependable protection against such threats and security breaches.

Features of Armour

Powerful Rule engine with AI/ML

The rule engine employs AI/ML algorithms to monitor real-time fraud using network signalling rules. Its AI/ML capabilities detect anomalies in traffic patterns and generate new rules for un-identified frauds. The pre configured organization-specific rules are easily customizable to meet specific security needs.

360 Degree coverage of all Network Entry Points

Exhaustive coverage of all the Network entry points: SMPP, SS7-SIGTRAN, roaming GT, HTTPS, etc. provided for both Voice & SMS.  Realtime monitoring, filtering, and control of unwanted traffic, spoofing, flooding, faking, and GT scan. Comprehensive real-time Telco traffic analytics, segmentation, predictive modelling, fraud reporting and platform management.

Origination-based Traffic Segregation

Segregation enhances network and resource access control, enhancing security against unauthorized entry from untrusted sources. It also aids in meeting compliance and regulatory standards. A2P and P2P differentiation further reduces revenue leakages and enables the detection of grey routes. 

Alerts and Reporting

Reporting and Statistical views of all Transactions including incident(s) or fraud. Web-based user interface for the dashboard. Multiple alerts to allow/ block/ignore received traffic. Automated Daily reports

Unmatched Technology support

High availability while On Premise or hosted and managed service Full compliance with GSMA IR.70/71

Flash Call Detection and Blocking

Unlock real-time insights into fraudulent activities and implement proactive measures to safeguard your network against attacks.



The Firewalls are offered under an innovative business model that includes Zero Capex.  A2P and P2P traffic differentiation aids in reduction of revenue leakages and the detection of grey routes.

Comprehensive Protection

One platform for Voice and SMS Firewall – Data cross-learning enhances network intelligence for top-notch protection, driving cost-effectiveness and operational ease. Real-time updates on global traffic patterns enables the platform to generate its own blacklisted content and sender types.

Improved Customer Experience
Improved customer satisfaction with reduced exposure to spam and unauthorized messages and calls. Dedicated support team with multichannel support function leading to higher network availability and performance.
Adoption of New Technology Platform

Make the network security for the future even while launching 5G services. The use of AI/ML technology augmented with human intelligence makes your network more secure in challenging hyper-competition.