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Enabling Telecom service providers to offer Seamless omnichannel communication to their enterprise clients

CPaaS+ is a cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement solution for real-time communication with customers on their preferred channel. Enterprises use application program interfaces (APIs) of the CPaaS platform for the selection of communication channels such as voice, video, and text, to personalize customer engagements.

CPaaS+ is an AI-powered customer engagement solution, scales with your business to engage with customers on the channels they use most. It helps you boost your bottom line with increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

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GTS TechLabs’ CPaaS+ platform offer omnichannel customer engagement for enterprises to make conversations relevant and contextual with clear delivery path to establish communication over customer preferred channels for enriched experience.

Features of cpaas+

CRM Integration

Integrating a CRM system with CPaaS+ can improve customer service, better data tracking, and analysis. It will increase automation, better lead management, and conversion tracking.


Chatbot is hosted on the CPaaS+ infrastructure which allows to integration with other communication and business systems such as SMS, web chat, messaging apps, and voice assistants to automate customer service, sales, and support tasks using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Chatbots can be programmed to understand and respond to a wide range of customer inquiries and requests, such as providing information about products and services, answering frequently asked questions, and even completing transactions.

Hosted Contact Centre

Hosted contact centers in CPaaS+ provide businesses with a wide range of capabilities such as Cloud based ACD (automatic call distribution), CRM integration and WebRTC support, IVR, and Call routing. CPaaS+ provides a variety of APIs to integrate IVR functionality into Applications. it allows applications to interact with users through voice commands, providing an automated way to handle different scenarios, from simple information requests to complex transactions, without the need for human operators.

Number Privacy Solution

CPaaS+ provides  Number Masking Solution that allow businesses to protect their customer’s phone numbers and to protect their customer’s privacy, by making it more difficult for unwanted or malicious parties to track, trace, or harass the customers by Number Masking, Number Blocking, Number Randomization, and Number Tokenization. Solution can be integrated with mobile Apps and Web based services.

No-Code Flow Builder

N-code flow builder in CpaaS+ empowers businesses to create custom communication solutions with minimal technical skills. It allows enterprises to create, design, and manage communication workflows such as chatbots, SMS campaigns, voice call flows, and webchats flows.

WhatsApp business API

CPaaS+ act as a gateway to the WhatsApp Business API and enable enterprises to use the service through a single API.  Enterprises can communicate with their customers through the WhatsApp platform in a more efficient way, with features like automated responses and support for rich media messages (like images and videos).

Network Level recording

CPaaS+ offers network-level recording (Call recording) as a feature that allows Enterprises to record, store and access the communication data for compliance, training, and quality assurance. It record calls and messages, in real-time, across various communication channels such as VoIP, PSTN, and other messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management module in CPaaS+ allows enterprises to create, launch, and track marketing campaigns across multiple channels, such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, Voice and social media. These modules provide a user-friendly interface that allows users to create and customize campaigns, segment and target specific audiences, and track the performance of the campaigns in real-time.


Easy Integration with your App

CPaaS+ offers a wide range of APIs and SDKs that can be used to integrate communication functionality of different platforms, programming languages, and APPs.

Plug & Play Model

CPaaS+ allows enterprises to add communication functionality easily and quickly to their applications without having to build and maintain the infrastructure themselves.

Revenue Enhancement

CPaaS+ is a powerful platform for enhancing revenue by creating new revenue streams (Target Marketing campaign, Chatbots), improving customer engagement, increasing sales, and reducing costs.

Centralized Dashboard

A Centralized Dashboard with AI/ML provides real-time visibility into usage, performance and can be used to configure and manage the communication services.

AI/ML based analytics

AI/ML-based analysis allows for advanced, automated analysis of data and can be used to extract insights and make predictions that would be difficult or impossible to identify manually. In CPaaS+, AI/ML allows for a better understanding of communication services, providing valuable insights and predictions that help optimize performance, improve customer experience, and grow revenue.

Monetizing communication services

Enterprise can monetize CPaaS+ Platform by offering various pay options, by offering premium services, Value Added Services, Open APIs and use cases for targeted market.